Automobile network donates SUV to Baltimore peace activist

Published 02-06-2019

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BALTIMORE (AP) - A prominent Baltimore activist has been gifted an SUV by an automotive business so she can continue her work as an anti-violence campaigner.

Erricka Bridgeford is a conflict mediator and the main organizer behind "Baltimore Ceasefire," a grassroots effort to reverse one of the country's worst homicide rates. At a Wednesday ceremony, she gratefully took ownership of a 2013 Volkswagen Tiguan she's dubbed her "B'more Love" car.

Bridgeford says it will provide her with reliable transportation for her work, including efforts to transform city spots where people are murdered into a kind of sacred ground.

A Heritage car dealership, part of the MileOne Autogroup, gave Bridgeford the SUV. CEO Steven Fader says he was inspired to help after reading about a fundraising effort to replace her broken-down vehicle.

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