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It's not Independence Day without fireworks in Baltimore, but you can bet the patriotic port city will put on a show. The Smithsonian Museum is free, and grocery stores in Maryland have special opening hours for shoppers who may be more vulnerable to the new coronavirus pandemic. There are also many places in Baltimore where you can buy T-shirts that read "Baltimore." The nation's capital is just an hour south of Baltimore and offers some of the best views of the Washington, D.C. skyline, as well as shopping and dining options, although it is only half an hour away.

If you drop by one of the shops you will find here, you can't go wrong, and our favorites include the best grocery stores for snacks. Baltimore is home to many well-known clothing brands, including J. Crew, T-shirts, hats, jeans, shoes and more, to name a few.

The main attraction, 36th Street, is perfect for going down and exploring the many shops and restaurants along the street. Annapolis Towne Centre is one of the largest shopping centers in Maryland, and the area surrounding the mall has many other shopping destinations, including the Anne Arundel County Convention Center, Baltimore County Courthouse and many more. Shopping Malls and Centers recommends looking for inexpensive restaurants before you buy - and using the money to buy.

Maryland blue crabs are the star of the show, and the crab cakes at Faidley Seafood are a great gift with real Baltimore flavor. Guests should also save space for live cooking demonstrations by local chefs and stalls selling fresh seafood such as crabs, shrimp, crabs and shrimp and crabs. The restaurant is known for its delicious crab cakes, crab salad and crab sandwiches, as well as a variety of other delicious dishes.

This outdoor street festival is held in Mount Vernon and Baltimore, where residents of MD are invited to experience over 150 artists and creators of all kinds and their work. This is an opportunity to offer Baltimore residents fresh, seasonal foods, including the iconic Maryland Blue Crabs. Show, a fledgling event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Baltimore City Museum of Art (BMA) in the city of Baltimore.

There are some treats, as well as unique gifts for friends, from shoes, jewelry, bags and accessories. While you're buying clothes and gifts, stop by local boutiques selling uniquely curated goods. Be ready to browse the area - hand-crafted canvas backpacks at Treason Toting Co. or head to the Baltimore City Museum of Art for a day of shopping, dining and entertainment.

This huge shopping mall in the popular and beautiful Inner Harbor provides an excellent environment for some of the best shopping in Baltimore. If you are looking for a locally run boutique with a strong focus on fashion and accessories, Harbor East is your best choice. The mall has covered everything and has 140 specialty stores, including a shopping street called Avenue lined with restaurants and retailers.

If you want to visit a 19th century slaughterhouse or get up close and personal with jellyfish, travelers of all stripes can enjoy a vacation in Baltimore. With dozens of attractions centered around Baltimore's picturesque harbor, no traveler will overlook what to do outside Baltimore, and Sound Garden is a permanent independent record and CD shop. Toys is a super fun toy store and Fells Point Surf Co. will get you in the mood for summer with ocean waves nearby. If you're interested in a day trip to Baltimore, you can also explore Annapolis.

Baltimore's shopping centers and malls offer convenience, variety and accessibility wherever you are in the city. Many of these shopping centers offer more than just shoes and clothing, but they also house a wide variety of food and beverage markets, as well as restaurants and retail stores.

A versatile store that sells clothing, jewelry and accessories in an affordable women's boutique. One highlight is Baltimore - born Under Armour, which carries exclusive, Baltimore-exclusive products.

There are many ways to flex your retail muscles in Charm City, but there's always something to be done in the mall. Every Baltimore mall has its best sites, where you are guaranteed to find everything you need and always have a great time. This shopping centre has over 200 shops, including a wide selection of clothing, jewellery and accessories, as well as food and drinks. You can also have a quick lunch or dinner in one of the many restaurants and bars in the area or go out for a meal and drink in a local restaurant.

Mall of Columbia offers everything you need for a great shopping experience, from shopping to dining with the family. Owings Mills Mall makes it easy to be great - spending time at the mall with kids, family and friends.

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