Baltimore Maryland Hyatt Hotel

The Hyatt Regency Baltimore is one of the most popular hotels in Baltimore, Maryland, and a favorite destination for families who are away from school on Presidents Day.

I've never tasted Moorenkos ice cream, but I've ripped up a few of their desserts, my favourite being the Black Forest goulash and the pop-a-rock. I enjoyed the bread pudding, and I had a pop-a-rock that was more fun than I've ever had.

My 10-year-old daughter, who is an extremely picky eater, doesn't normally eat asparagus at home, but she did eat it. My 7-year-old daughter (who is a big fan of mashed potatoes) said she could tell it was homemade and not out of the box.

The staff at the restaurant were also very helpful in explaining the menu and suggesting the choice of dishes. They could also explain some of the menus and suggest the choice of dishes and make suggestions for our next meal.

The check-in process was quick and easy and the staff were very helpful in making suggestions on what to see during our visit. We noticed that while customers were waiting for check-in, staff came up to us and offered to help the customer in every way possible. They really seemed more than willing to make an application if we could help with something, anything. A member of staff who came by the whole hotel, no matter what his job was, asked how he could help us.

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Only customers who have booked through and stayed at the property in question can rate the property, not those who have stayed at the property before. Not everyone is a fan of hotel restaurants, but the Hyatt has a long tradition of making sure the food they serve is as fresh and tasty as possible. Be sure to visit Bistro 300 and tell others about it, it is one of the best restaurants in the Baltimore area.

Children can order from their menu, make the buffet, prepare their own tacos and cereals or order from the children's menu.

This is great for families, I think, as children sometimes find it hard to sleep in hotels. We loved the floor-to-ceiling windows and the fantastic view of the harbour. The hotel also offers walking paths to the inner harbour, making travel much safer. I also liked that we had a noise machine in our room that suppressed the typical hotel noise.

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