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Join family and friends as colorful fireworks fill the skies above downtown Baltimore and enjoy live entertainment at the annual Baltimore Fireworks Spectacular, a celebration of the city's annual fireworks display.

Nick's Fish House offers a classic summer experience in Baltimore that customers can relive at home. Get your oysters, beer and steamed crab at Nick's for $10 for adults and $5 for children 12 and under from May 22.

Certain events are essential to a great Baltimore summer, and you can't go wrong with any of them. BOMA Baltimore is known for fantastic freebies and items, but this event is a fantastic opportunity for networking and commerce. This year, in addition to the annual holiday dinner, they are hosting their annual summer dinner at the Baltimore Public Library.

Visit the Maryland Wineries Association's Facebook page to highlight various wineries across the state. To get a look at land animals, watch Baltimore's live footage of lions, penguins, flamingos and more. Watch a live video of a coral reef swimming with a variety of marine animals including corals, sharks, dolphins, whales, turtles, sea lions and sea turtles.

For more creative explorations, read our list of the best virtual arts experiences in DC, including several museums and cinemas in Baltimore, or read on to learn more about our best virtual arts experiences in DC. Choose from a variety of Christmas decorations - themed decorations, including special Maryland and Baltimore themed decorations. Enjoy Christmas in Baltimore and enjoy the Christmas music, lights, decorations, gifts and everything else you can imagine during the holiday season.

The Maryland Science Center is hosting a midnight celebration to help children ring in the New Year. The Christmas tree of the city, which shines in the Christmas colors, kicks off the event. Try one of the many family-oriented events or events designed specifically for children, such as Christmas in Baltimore, Christmas at the Museum or the Christmas Parade.

The car starts at the East Harbor and then heads to Hamden to see the 34th Street miracle. View of the inner harbor, which ends at the Baltimore City Museum of Natural History and the Maryland Science Center. You should see the shiny boats from the Fells Point Ferry Terminal at the south end of the harbour and from the Harbor West Ferry Terminal.

Bring your furry friends to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter and be sure to have your photo taken with Mr. Claus. Our friendly hosts can record a live video with Santa Claus and his elves. If you ever were, you must be the first to forget all the food, drink and fun in the city. Sign up for our daily DC email here and stream the video on Zoom with the best events in town.

The event for children 21 and older includes a Times Square Ball Drop Show with live music, live entertainment and a run-up to the ball. In addition to Inner Harbor, there will be a live performance by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and other local bands and performers.

The BOMA program takes place most of the year and offers a variety of activities for children, adults and adults of all ages, as well as special events. This amateur youth hockey league has a full program of events, from hockey games to hockey clinics, and also ice skating courses are offered. The Baltimore Center for the Performing Arts (B - CPA), a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, covers a wide range of arts and performance programs for children ages 6 to 14.

After a late dinner at one of the city's great restaurants, head to Inner Harbor to watch a free show. 4th of July festival with live music, food trucks, fireworks, fireworks and more. Visit Fort McHenry during the day to honor the history of our country and enjoy a day of activities at the National Park Service, the National Historic Park.

Those who drove from Cumberland to Baltimore about two hours by car will have a special experience. The Spirit of Baltimore Santa Lunch Cruise is a fun way for parents and children to enjoy a visit with Santa Claus. Olde Tyme Christmas Celebration takes place on Christmas Eve at the Baltimore County Convention Center and offers a great mix of activities for everyone. A festive drainage ride is another fun way to see the city in all its illuminated holiday culture.

Artscape is an annual celebration where over 150 artists present their work in different neighborhoods. Highlights include Fells Point Artscape, Baltimore Art Museum and the Maryland Museum of Natural History Art Gallery.

From June to August, Baltimore hosts several outdoor film festivals in some of the most popular neighborhoods. Hosted by the Charm City Comedy Project since 2014, the Charm City Comedy Festival is a two-day, week-long comedy festival featuring the best sketch comedy from around the country as well as live performances by local comedians. Located in the Baltimore Convention Center in the heart of downtown Baltimore, it is highlighted by tourist attractions, arts organizations and restaurants that allow you to enjoy the good of Baltimore at home.

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