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The city of Baltimore, Maryland, has many good things to do outdoors and kids who will love it no matter what you do. If you're in Maryland's largest city, consider the option of skiing, especially in winter.

The nation's capital is just an hour south of Baltimore and offers many of the same attractions as Baltimore, so there's something for everyone in Baltimore. Smithsonian museums are free, and Baltimore has a number of great museums and galleries, including the National Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian National Archives.

If you want to visit the Maryland Zoo, they offer a rare day off, one of the few days off in the entire state.

If you're already on the East Coast, the bus is an affordable way to get around Baltimore if you're coming from New York or Philadelphia. Some of Baltimore's lower-priced hotels offer access to a variety of restaurants and hotels starting at $150 per night. Staying at the Wayside Inn is all the charm of the small town of Americana, with great views of the Baltimore skyline and the city itself.

If you're looking for a top attraction, you can visit the Baltimore Museum of Natural History, Maryland State Museum or the National Archives. If you weren't there at the Battle of Baltimore during the 1812 war, it might be a great slumber, but if you were, there are many other great museums in Baltimore, such as the Anne Arundel County Courthouse and the State House.

For more creative explorations, see our list of the best virtual art experiences in DC, including several museums and cinemas in Baltimore. Baltimore has the must-see - see American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore Museum of Natural History and Maryland State Museum.

The Maryland Science Center in the Inner Harbor has its fair share of events and attracts crowds. Don't miss the exhibitions on local favourites such as blue crabs, but don't draw crowds to the museum's special events.

Other activities in Baltimore include trips to the beautiful state of Maryland, such as the Maryland State Museum, Baltimore Museum of Natural History and the National Archives. Before embarking on your cruise to Bermuda or the Caribbean, be sure to visit the Fort McHenry National Monument in Baltimore.

At Fort McHenry, you can learn about the Battle of Baltimore, take a water taxi from the Inner Harbor, and even experience live history with the Fort McHenry Guard. Among all the other activities in Baltimore, a visit to the Baltimore Museum of Natural History, where you can climb through history, is recommended.

Her family may have been to an aquarium before, but the National Aquarium in Baltimore is a comparison. If you have a small one, it should be at the top of your list of things to see in Baltimore, even if you're not a fan of aquariums.

Today, the inner harbor of Baltimore is the center of the city's tourism, and many of its famous museums are located there. Here you can spend a whole day exploring all these attractions and find yourself by the water. Baltimore is home to the National Museum of Natural History, the Baltimore Museum and the Maryland State Museum, but many other museums and galleries can be found along this waterfront. The best outdoor activity not to be missed in Baltimore is a walk along Fell's Point, where you will see many well-preserved buildings and historic buildings dating back to the early 20th century.

Conveniently located in the Inner Harbor, Harborplace Gallery offers visitors a one-stop shopping experience just steps from the Baltimore Museum of Natural History and Maryland State Museum. Located in one of Baltimore's most popular shopping streets, HarborPlace Gallery offers the best of both worlds: easy public transportation access and walking that puts Baltimore communities at the top of the list of top shopping destinations in Baltimore, Maryland.

If you're planning to bring your whole family to Baltimore, here's a list of family-friendly, free activities in Baltimore. Read on to avoid Baltimore's tourist traps and look at these six places instead. Some areas of Baltimore that attract tourists are safe, so you can safely go to the opera, museum or aquarium. If you're visiting Maryland and looking for fun things your kids can do in Baltimore, check out this list.

Highlights range from historic Baltimore ships, including the USS Constellation, to fascinating children at the Maryland Museum of Natural History and the Baltimore Art Museum. Get the best out of Baltimore's museum scene during your trip to Maryland and unleash your inner art connoisseur. Local highlights include steaming blue crabs, a visit to Orioles Park, where Baltimore Orioles play, and the Buried Bird Museum, the city's oldest and most famous museum.

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