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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today that the total number of government and supersector jobs in Baltimore County stood at 1,332,000 in July, compared with the previous month's figure of 1,321,500. In addition, the report this month showed that more than half of those who returned from a positive employment trend to zero employment were included in the company survey. The Baltimore region's state "super-sector" had the highest employment growth rate of all ten major metropolitan areas, and employment was growing in both the private and non-government sectors.

For the preliminary estimates in August and September, CES made changes to the birth and death models and included this part of the report in the estimates. The model uses the direct sampling estimates described above, combined with projections of historical benchmarks, to reduce the volatility of estimates.

Sectors are classified according to their main activities and the number of jobs in each sector and the percentage of total jobs are used according to the estimated sector level.

Employment data refer to the number of persons on the payroll of a company who received salary during the part of the salary period which includes the 12th month. The length of this reference period varies between the participants and the companies in the survey, but all the people counted appear on the payroll and those appearing on more than one payroll are counted as payrolls. A third of companies have had to employ at least one full-time employee in the last 12 months. Each person is counted for a period equal to or greater than the duration of his or her employment.

The benchmarking procedure thus determines the employment level and the sample serves to measure the number of full-time employees on the payroll at the end of the 12th month. The benchmark information is used to adjust the employment level of the previous month and the previous month, but also to determine an employment level for the new benchmark month and thus the benchmark procedure for setting the level for all employment relationships.

The data are compiled using a weighted relative estimation method, whereby employment is weighted according to the previous month and calculated for the current month weighted from the sample of establishments notified for each month. An estimate of employment for a current month is obtained by multiplying this ratio with a previous employment estimate.

These estimates, which are not derived directly from the survey sample, are subject to additional errors resulting from special estimation procedures. Survey data is also vulnerable to non-sampling errors, such as those that can occur through data collection and processing, and other factors.

For data series in which the sample size meets certain statistical criteria, the weighted - link relative technique is used. Sample error is the difference between sampling variability (variation that occurs when a sample is taken, rather than a total population) and non-sampling error (variability in the number of respondents).

The sum of the individual elements cannot always correspond to the sum shown in the same table due to the rounding, and the sum may be smaller or greater than or more than the number of items on the table.

Employment data for Baltimore City, Baltimore County and the state of Maryland are available for each metropolitan area or metropolitan region. Employment information for the entire state and its agglomerations is available on request. For more information on the number of jobs in the state's major metropolitan and metropolitan regions, please visit the employment databases available in the states and regions. Information on jobs, wages, hours worked, wages, benefits, taxes and levies on manufactured goods and services in the city and county is not available in any of these databases except for data from the Maryland Department of Labor and Employment.

Employment incomes do not appear in the data because technical procedures are used to develop these estimates and because they are not available in all states and metropolitan regions or metropolitan regions.

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